Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Enter Curse Word Here

My dad had surgery today (his third) to try and put a stent in his kidney.  The stent is supposed to help relieve some of the pain he is experiencing in his back since the tumors have not been so kind to his kidney.  First, the surgery started about two hours late.  If you haven’t met my dad before, then let me tell you – he’s a timely kind of guy.  I told my mom, I think he will get over them being late as long as they get the stent in.  Second, the surgery didn’t work.  I got a very R-rated text message from my mom a couple of minutes ago, that the doctors were unable to get the stent in because the tumors are blocking where the doctors need to go.  He is not going to be happy when he wakes up.  He starts chemotherapy tomorrow – one session every three weeks for nine weeks. And then, a reevaluation.  I think he is done with surgeries for now.
So I decided that my dad is probably going to need some cheering up.  In honor of him, I am going to use a bulleted list of things he should be happy about, despite his seemingly bad luck with kidney surgeries.  (Don’t worry dad, I remember the three-bullet-maximum rule.)
Things you should be happy about:
·         Your daughter booked her ticket to come home and she arrives on April 29th.
·         Your wife got a $3 reduced parking rate coupon while you were in surgery.
·         Your son has learned to curse like your wife.
I know this probably won’t make up for the discomfort (I'm sure he'd use a stronger word) he is experiencing, but hopefully it will bring a smile to his face.

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