Friday, April 15, 2011

D Day

So, my dad met with the urologist and the oncologist today. The urologist isn’t really all that important in this story, so we’ll just skip that part.  The oncologist told my dad what we kind of already knew. They can’t find the primary source of his cancer. He has adenocarcinoma of unknown primary.  Final verdict.  His lungs, stomach, and intestines are clean.    So, they are going to treat him like he has pancreatic cancer.  He starts chemotherapy next week. 
In all of this, it’s amazing to me how strong my mother has been.  She is amazing.  My dad really lucked up.  His prognosis isn’t ideal. It’s actually the opposite of ideal. But I am guessing that any man who can bike across the United States can give adenocarcinoma of unknown primary a run for its money.  This cancer isn’t curable, but hopefully with some great medicine, some good doctors, a miracle or two, and some positive thinking my dad will be around for awhile.  If anybody can do it, he can.  Love you daddy!

He's on his way to his weekly gathering at Moe's (a local Atlanta bar and eatery). I think I'm going out to have a drink too. Just like my dad.


  1. Oh God, we love this family!!!
    Ester & Manel

  2. Another great post, Lauren. I love you - can't wait to see you in a few weeks.

  3. Fantastic! Keep them coming...