Monday, May 9, 2011

Road Trip!

On Friday, May 6, 2011, my dad and my brother took a road trip to visit some of my dad’s brothers and sisters in Louisiana.  Friday, they drove to Mississippi and stayed at a hotel on the beach. They walked along the beach, got attacked by birds, and had dinner at a nice restaurant. The next morning they had breakfast and walked along the beach again and then drove to my Uncle George’s house for some eating and drinking.  My Uncle Jim, Aunt Mary, Aunt Eileen, and Aunt Margie were also there and my dad had a good time catching up with them and telling stories about “the good ole days”.  Sunday my dad and brother drove back to Atlanta stopping in Alabama for a picnic lunch, which I’m sure made my dad very happy. We always stopped for picnic lunches when we were kids going on roadtrips. I still remember the sandwiches and chips that my parents would pack, along with fruit of some sort and drinks. Some things never change.
I talked to my entire family (mom, dad, Marcus, and Stacey) last night on the phone as my mom opened up her gifts for Mother’s Day. My mom has returned from Barcelona after closing up shop and saying goodbye to the many friends that they made in Barcelona. My dad sounded pretty upbeat after his trip and was inquiring about how I did in my softball game, which he always does. I think my dad gets more excited about my hits then I do. Funny part is, he never asks about my fielding.  He has his second chemo treatment today. As a matter a fact, I think he should be at the doctor’s office right about now.  He has started to experience a little hair loss, so he has decided to stop washing his hair so it will no longer fall out. Logical thinking from a logical man.  Hopefully the side effects from today’s treatment will only last a couple of days and he will be back on his feet by the weekend.
I will keep you all posted!
Here are some pictures from this weekend’s trip:
 (My dad and my Uncle George.)
 (This is Marcus teaching my dad how to take pictures with a cell phone.)
(My dad on the Mississippi coast. Notice the Keegan Law Firm t-shirt.)


  1. That's a pretty sharp shirt! You've got to trust a lawyer who puts out such a nice shirt product!

  2. Hope the chemo does the job!