Friday, December 16, 2011

What I'd Like for Christmas...among other things

Life in Chicago is busy and hectic. I work 50 hour weeks and my days consist of putting out fires, dealing with angry customers, and motivating unmotivated employees. I'm away from my family during a time when I want nothing more than to be there with them.  Luckily, we all have so many frequent flyer miles that I get to travel home once a month.  I will be home again December 23rd and spending Christmas at home.

So, I bet you are all's Bob?  Well...he's okay.  He finished ten sessions of radiation therapy for his bone cancer and the pain in his leg. This treatment wasn't meant to be a cure, but to help the pain in his leg. He will tell you that so far it isn't working very well. Hopefully, this will change in the next week or two.  He has helped pay for numerous salaries at his insurance company and at the local hospital that he spent a couple of days in recently.  Apparently one too many pain medications did not agree with my dad.  But not to fear, he is back at home and in good hands (with my mom and in his recliner).

For now, he is at home resting.  Which is probably making him mad since he has so much to do. Renovating the house, Christmas shopping, etc.  What can you do to help?  Send warm thoughts, nice stories, pray if you do, ... all of that stuff helps.  I asked my mom if she needed me to do anything this morning...and she said no. She thinks she's okay for now.  If we ever need anything from our big extended family, we will let you know.

What do I want for Christmas? I asked for an new iPod and some other stuff. But really, all I want is to be home, with my dad, and my family and to spend as much time as I can making more memories with them. 

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