Friday, August 5, 2011

Happy Birthday Marcus!..and the quick and dirty update on Bob.

Today is Marcus' (my brother's) birthday!!!! Happy Birthday to one of my very best friends and the best brother a girl could ever ask for. He feeds me when I'm hungry, tells me my parents are crazy when they don't do as I wish, and always checks to make sure I'm okay.

So, I know I have been MIA as far as the blog is concerned, but as Marcus' stated in the last post, I just started a new job where I am managing people and I have no clue what they actually do every day. It's a great challenge and I am loving every minute of being super busy and bossing people around.  I talked to my dad a couple of days ago via email and I talk to my parents every Sunday (it's a tradition). He had chemo treatment on Tuesday, so I'm sure he's not feeling too well right now. I talked to Marcus this morning (to wish him Happy Birthday of course) and he said my dad was doing pretty good all things considered.  My dad doesn't have any plans (as of now) for any more chemo treatments since he likes chemo treatments as much as he likes the current healthcare system in America. WARNING: Please don't engage him in conversations about hospital bills and/or how much chemo treatments costs unless you have plenty of spare time on your hands. He is now very passionate about these things. And that's what makes him my dad :-)

I'm pretty sure my mom and dad have been entertaining visitors, remodeling the house, and going through their normal daily routine. Not much has changed.  My dad is still looking into alternative treatment methods and I'm pretty sure that this research is consuming most of his time and energy.  I know he can't wait to prove those doctors wrong! Every last one of them (except of course the good doctors that work at CDC). I would tell you all of the nicknames he has for his various doctors, but I would like to keep this blog PG.

I miss my family like crazy and think about them every day. Chicago is an interesting city and I'm slowly but surely learning my way around. Luckily, my dad has plenty of frequent flyer miles that he so generously shares with his baby girl. So...I will be in Atlanta next weekend to visit!!!! Lucky for me, my Aunt Alicia will be in town as well. I will make sure to take some more pictures of the family during my visit.  Until then...

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